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Muuritutkimus Company – was founded in 1995. Its annual turnover has been 650-850 000 euros and the total staff has exceeded 140 people in past 20 years.

The company's business sectors include archaeological excavations and their scientific results and visualizations, laser scanning heritage sites and concervationprojects.

The company has completed archaeological excavations in the years 1996-2016. These included the medieval castles of Turku, Hämeen linna and Raasepori; ruins of Kuusisto, Kajaani and Liinmaa; the medieval towns of Naantali, Rauma, Porvoo, Ulvila and Turku; the monastery and church of Naantali and medieval manorhouses.

The company has also been developing heritage documentation for the laserscanning with Riegl vz-1000.


Key personnel

Kari Uotila is the director of Muuritutkimus company and adj. prof (docent) in the University of Helsinki since 2013 and University of Turku since 2001.

He has written one monogram (PhD-theses) and is the main editor of five books. He has authored and co-authored some 90 scientific articles mainly in Finnish, English and Swedish. Some of the articles are written together with 50 other researchers.

He has been a chair of the Finnish Medieval Archaeology society during the years 2003-2006, the president of Castella Maris Baltici –research group 2009-2012 and is a member of the EAA Helsinki 2012 organisation and scientific committees 2010-2012. He is on the editorial board of two archaeological referee series.

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